Dani has completed numerous body work sessions on our 15 year old appendix gelding, Riser.  Our horse is prone to injury and we believe the body work sessions have helped promote healing and have allowed our horse a faster and safer return to work. Dani is extremely knowledgeable and gives great attention to detail, explaining both the process of the body work and providing suggestions to improve Riser’s condition and  performance. Over the years, we have used  Dani’s services to combat the negative effects of a tendon tear, cellulitis,  leg surgery, colic, ulcers, hematomas, as well as the more common injuries brought on by pasture play. We are grateful for her talents as she helps keep putting Riser back together again, and again, and again.

- E. Kane


With having a performance horse, there comes a lot of maintenance we have to keep up on; injections especially. But with Dani, she has eliminated some of these vet bills by giving my horse,Hudson aka. Dee Country Invester, massages. She connects with my horse and helps him release the stress and tension that he's had from his early show debut. He's had a long career as a show horse and won't be ending any time soon. Dani has been giving him massages more frequently and the difference in the way he moves is very noticeable. He is the sweetest horse in the world, and Dani has helped him be free of pain. And has improved our performance in the show ring. She is a one of a kind individual that will definitely benefit you and your horse.

- E. Chapa


Dani's gentle nature and patience allowed our rescue, Pumpkin the ability to learn to trust people again after the abuse she suffered. We would highly recommend her services to anyone. Pumpkin and Hands & Hooves will forever be grateful for her!

- Hands & Hooves


Eden has been through hell the past few months. She was almost starved to death over the winter while pregnant. Her baby, Shakespeare, didn't make it through delivery. These horrific events caused major stress throughout her body. While Dani was working on Eden, I saw an absolute look of relaxation and happiness in her face. Dani was able to find places in her body that were so tight from the pregnancy and was able to release the pressure for Eden. Even though Eden at times through the session wanted to walk away, Dani was calm and let her work through her issues and she returned to her therapy. By the time Dani was done, my little girl had the look of total bliss on her face. I will never be able to repay her for what she has done for Eden. I believe she did things for her that no one else would be able to do. I would recommend her to anyone, she truly can work miracles! 

- L. Van Der Snick


After being nearly starved to death twice, Dani was able to help relax and comfort our Hercules with her healing hands. Hands & Hooves and Hercules recommend Dani and her many talents to any equine that needs major healing or just a relaxing massage.

- Hands & Hooves


Dani has worked on my mare for 3 plus years. She is a 10 yr old Quarter horse. We show her in open Western and English classes. Dani and KeepHer have a wonderful relationship. You see an instant happy calm come over her when Dani starts her session. KeepHer has had her hocks fused and Dani sees her every other week, unless she's needing more. The improvement I have seen in her release of stress, muscle tension and muscle movement has been greatly improved with Dani's massage sessions. Dani is extremely patient and very intuitive to KeepHer's areas of need. We probably would not have had such a good end result, a wonderful sound, happy mare for my 13yr old daughter. To continue to ride, enjoy and grow old with if we had not started massage sessions with Dani.

- L. Sabanish


Healing Hands has been an integral part in the development of our 5 year old mare, Garbo. Over the past two years Dani has helped Garbo adjust to the changes a young growing horse faces, especially a young horse starting a new discipline.  Dani makes a connection with both the horse and client and one of her greatest strengths is improving the communication between horse and rider by explaining how the horse’s body is reacting to what is being asked of the horse in training. We believe that for a young horse the body work sessions are the final piece of the puzzle.

- P. Kane


Everyone has a horse of a lifetime - whatever the breed, the discipline, the training, the success, the challenges. Dani, with her intuitive as well as Masterson Method Equine Bodywork skills, is a gifted horseman who will improve your special horse in so many ways. 
My horse of a lifetime is an opinionated, 1,500-pound Belgian Warmblood. He is a talented dressage horse who is regularly hacked hacks over hills and in fields. We also ride in the school, testing throughness, responsiveness, movements, connection. 
I can feel when something is not quite right - a hint of less than fluid in one direction, a heavier footfall on cement, even the set of his ears. And - fortunately or unfortunately - I am usually right. Something is bothering him. 
That's where Dani comes in. She believes in the partnership between dance partners. She also knows that our athletic partners tell us when something is not quite right. Her equine bodywork skills find tension, discrepancies in muscle development, lateral and/or longitudinal movement, TMJ complications, movement restrictions. And when she finds the issue(s), she works patiently and thoroughly with the horse to ease the dysfunction. 
There is no force and there is ample time for the horse to digest the process. There is also education - for the rider, the owner, the trainer - to make sure that the benefits of Dani's work are not lost in subsequent riding. As an experienced rider - dressage and western dressage - Dani can recommend exercises under saddle that will maximize the benefits of her bodywork on the ground. 
There is always an improvement in my horse’s movement and performance after Dani has worked on him. 
I thoroughly recommend Dani. She is an important member of my horse's care team (vets, farrier, dentist, saddler). She should be a member of your horse of a lifetime's care team as well!

- V. Budach